Through chance meeting, a driving spirit and – of all things, beer – an Akron mom fights for brain-cancer research

Bunny Oldham with her daughter, Molly. Bunny Oldham, an Akron mother, and Gerner, a businessman from New York, have teamed up to funnel needed dollars for brain-cancer research. Both are passionate and driven about the disease that has touched both of their lives. And they are enlisting the help of breweries nationwide in the effort.

AKRON, Ohio – An Akron mom’s relentless effort to raise money to fight brain cancer is being sparked by her passion, a strong will, her relationship with old friends and new ones.

And beer.

It doesn’t take long to see Bunny Oldham is a ball of fire, a driven person whose life in the last two years has been motivated by seeking a cure for brain cancer. Like many passion projects, it’s personal at its core: Bunny’s daughter, Molly, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer the day she was set to leave for college in 2019.

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Molly Oldham gets national attention in her cancer journey


In honor of brain cancer awareness month, two-time brain cancer survivor, 19-year-old Molly Oldham, and her mother Bunny were featured guests on ABC’s “The View.” Viewers got a peek into what Oldham and her family have been going through. Her nurses talked about how she encouraged them to live every moment and her inspiring story moved hosts Meghan McCain and Sara Haines to tears.

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Taylor Theatre’s a big stage. And for the 19 students polishing their choreography for the “My Deer” scene, Sept. 13 starts a big week – the final one to focus on blocking and choreography. Except for one senior, no one has performed in a musical while at UNCG, due to COVID 19.
It’s a big scene for Molly Oldham, a junior musical theatre major. She’s dancing and singing at center stage, her moment to shine. “O deer, my dear, my dosey doe!” She’s finally on stage, surrounded by lots of talented Spartans and friends. Living her dream.
She’s worked so hard for this moment. After a few run-throughs of dancing while duetting with fellow junior Trevor Neal – the director and a choreographer giving notes to energize the scene – she tosses her sweater. The scene is gelling. She’s ready.

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‘I’m just grateful:’ Molly Oldham beats brain cancer twice, focuses on musical theater goals

Molly Oldham shares a celebratory moment with nurses David Duckett, Grace Perry and Amanda Taylor on Oct. 7 after learning she's cancer-free.

More than two years into her cancer journey, Molly Oldham of Bath has a lot to be thankful for: namely being cancer-free.

The 20-year-old musical theater student, who has faced cancerous brain tumors twice, was given a clean bill of health in early October at Duke University Hospital, more than eight months after a second neurosurgery to remove two grape-size tumors.

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